PRL Software

Microsoft SQL Server

Also known as MS SQL Server or simply SQL Server.  PRL Software has a 13 years of experience with SQL Server in Database Administration and programming.  PRL Software is the owner and development company behind SQL Admin Tools.

Our leading product is SQL Quick Compare, a fast and effective way of comparing database script differences, even if the script has "with Encryption" protection.

Microsoft SQL Server Quick Compare


Truly the core of all computing and business, and central to PRL Software.  Recently PRL Software has developed "SQL Math", an advanced mathematical library for Microsoft SQL Server.
Microsoft SQL Server Math Library
PRL Software has developed a strong general mathematical core knowledge with focuses on:
  • Statistics (probability, bayesian and frequentist statistics): We have developed numerous applications such as transactional error detection, concurrent computer process impact analysis, and detailed statistical analysis of corporate finances. 
  • Cryptography: Competent use requires fundamental understanding.  We have a breadth of knowledge of cryptographic processes including methods hackers use to try and crack them.
  • Geospatial Mathematics: We have developed advanced clustering and allocation systems that currently process over 2,000,000 individual GPS reads per week.  The system can process several thousand GPS reads per minute and accurately categorise them.
  • Broad Mathematics: Many tasks can be accomplished faster and more accurately with greater mathematical knowledge. Examples of PRL Software mathematical applications are in factor analysis in data compression, group analysis for customer classification, and Benford's law to detect fraudulent activity.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Formally known as Microsoft Axapta, Navision Axapta and Damgaard Axapta, this is one of Microsoft's ERP offerings.  PRL Software has seven years of development experience with Dynamics AX.

PRL Software has developed a use management application available from SQL Admin Tools

Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Users

Business Analysis

PRL Software has nearly 15 years of business analysis.  PRL Software's owner gained a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 1st Class Honours with a dissertation on Accounts Receivables management processes, and was the lead author on the article describing his research in the accounts receivable collections journal article.