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Remote Control Programming 

Friday, February 17, 2012 8:00:00 AM

I recently purchased a key remote control and receiver to operate an old garage door.  The system worked but it only has one remote, so I purchased another 2.  The problem is that there was very little information on how to get the additional 2 devices to work with the existing receiver. I'm detailing it here so that any other bargain hunters can get a cheap and effective system working.

After extensive searching I found that the chips I had purchased are common fixed-code chips.  I purchased SC2260 transmitter (key remote) and SC2272-M4 receiver (connects to garage switch).  These chips are coded through solder pads, which appears to be standard for this and similar chips (PT2260, PT2262/PT2272, PT2294, SC2262/SC2272).

The transmitter chip SC2260 (compatible with PT2260) is paired with a receiver chip SC2270 (compatible with PT2270). The PT2272 is clearly similar enough as this working the current system I have.  Both need to use the same address in order to operate.  The SC2260 chip can also be used with a "Learning" receiver - but an address should still be set for security reasons.

The chip on the key (transmitter) has its address set by soldering.  The chip on the receiver also has its code set by soldering.  The two need to match.

To activate the key for a existing ST2270/PT22700 receiver the existing address needs to be viewed and that code soldered into the key.

The data sheet for PT2270 can be found here, and the PT2260 can be found here.

The SC2272M4 - receiver chip is shown below.

SC2272 Receiver IC

Here's the solder coding pattern on the back of the chip. H means "high", and indicates the ON while L means low and indicates OFF.  Obviously I'm not going to show my code so you'll have to look at your own chip to see the code.

Transmitter chip (originally purchased with the above receiver).

SC2260 Transmitter IC

The new chips I purchased:

SC2260-R4 Transmitter

Here's the back of the chip, called the soldering pad.  To set a code solder between the centre and H (top) for ON and the centre and L (bottom) for OFF. It should match the back of the receiver (and any existing keys).

Soldering Pad