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Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP with a rather unique heritage.  It started of as a European ERP called Axapta, and has grown and been successively developed by a number of vendors including Navision and most recently Microsoft.  Now that it is in Microsoft's hands it has undergone a substantial face lift, but the core remains relatively unchanged.  It's on a solid code base that the product has gained in popularity, being particularly dynamic and user focused while taking full advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies, such as the latest SQL Server versions, Reporting Services and even .Net "Business Connector".  Like all products there are niche areas that are wanting, and this is where PRL Software comes in.  Within the AX space PRL Software seeks to enhance the AX experience by simplifying it's use and maintenance

Dynamics AX Online Users

PRL Software has developed a custom ad-in for AX user management, AX Online Users.  This software is currently for sale though our sister site SQL Admin Tools

Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Users 

Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Tip, Tricks and Information

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Posted by Philip Leitch Thursday, October 8, 2009 6:43:39 PM Categories: Debtors SQL

Provides an Aging Schedule of debtors in T-SQL.

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